Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Located just outside of Hawaii Kai, this 5-mile, 3-hour long hike was amazing! Can easily be classified as a beginner to intermediate level, but still a good trail to get your heart pumping. Why? Because in that short 2.5 miles to the top (5 miles round trip) you climb more than 2000 feet!

Today was my second time doing this trial but the first time didn't really count... I was on a schedule so could only walk in for an hour and come back. Never made it to the top the first time but today I did and it was totally worth it!

View looking back at the neighborhood the trail started in.
Up-hill switch-backs all the way to the top!

Picnic rest-stop a little more than halfway up.

Entrance to the native forest...

All up-hill and all stairs!

ALL totally worth it, RIGHT?!


  1. beautiful pics! i would love to hike in Hawaii some day :-)

  2. Very cool! Thanks for telling me about this blog...I'll have to look through the older posts, now.

  3. just found you through another blog. cute title!